josfritz Buchhandlung Freiburg
josfritz Buchhandlung Freiburg

Gaurav Monga


Pan´s Library , gebunden

 19.90 €

Schwarzer Punkt

This curious little book opens with  “It started with only ● but as I grew older, I realised that it had spread over the region like ● ● ● ● ●●●●●●●. “ By virtue of having ● serve as a substitute for a noun, the reader is forced to overlook what is spreading by acknowledging the act of spreading, instead, albeit over an unknown region. The visual becomes textual in this unique dialogue between words and images.
“In this book by Gaurav Monga, we are presented with a complex interplay of text and image, as well as text versus image. Here, we discover metaphysical intrigues and hope springing forth even in the midst of gradual erasure. Monga is a perceptive and deeply talented writer.” (Kristine Ong Muslim)